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Rothacker Advertising & Design





RAD has been creating professional video documentaries, animations and commercial TV spots since the 1990s. Our goal has always been to make them efficiently and imaginatively.

Because we work with many businesses and non profits where cost is of great concern, we edit and create many of our own soundtracks and animations in-house. We use local talent, when possible, but have also been blessed to work with some fine professionals like Charles Osgood, Bill Whitaker and Jimmy Stewart’s daughter, Kelly, to give our videos a special polish.

Click on the images on this page to view some videos of which we are most proud.
1. CRC Watersheds- 2:40 video of the mission of CRC Watersheds.
2. Jimmy Stewart - Always Be Nice to People - narrated by Kelly Stewart.
3. Animated TV spot for Moyer Services.
4. Words of the Heart - narrated by Bill Whitaker.
5. Arts Auction Analytics, narrated by Jane Valdes-Dapena
6. Animated TV spot for Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
7. Forgotten Patriot - narrated ny Charles Osgood
8. Evening With President Kennedy- Live Performance Trailer- narrated by Ian Alexander
9. America in Black and White and Many Colors - documentary narrated by Gail Whitaker and Jane Valedes-Dapena




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